Twente: Land of the Horse Lover

In Twente equestrian sport goes back to an ancient tradition in history. The so-called ‘Twentse Ros’ has developed into a characteristic and prominent emblem of this region. Various logos, city and family arms testify to the unique relationship between man and horse in Twente. This relationship finds her origin in the traditionally strong agricultural character of this region, that is surrounded by the German equestrian bastion of Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia. This cultural historical background clarifies the enormous enthusiasm and love people from Twente cherish for their four-footed friends in general and the equestrian sport in particular.

Founder Mr. G.B. Maathuis sr. (1898-1990, left) and former major of Tubbergen Mr. Kolenbrander.

Thanks to the passionate devotion to horses and the equestrian sport in this region, CSI Twente has grown into a leading show jumping event in the international circuit. Riders, horse lovers, sponsors and volunteers, together they have raised the level of CSI Twente to what it is nowadays, without losing sight of what it is all about: the fascination for the harmonious relationship between man and horse.

The showground in 1962.

History of the Grand Prix of Twente

After the Second World War, CSI Twente began as a small national show jumping event (1947) and took place in the meadows surrounding Erve Maathuis. Since 1975, CSI Twente gained an international status. The climax of CSI Twente is traditionally the competition for the Grand Prix of Twente. This classic knows a famous history with many illustrious winners and horses. Think of the legendary combinations as Hugo Simon and Gladstone, Jos Lansink and Libero H., Thomas Fuchs and Dollar Girl. These names will definitely ring a bell by many horse lovers and will be music to their ears.

Horses in bronze before the St. Pancratius church in the centre of Geesteren.

Winners Grand Prix:
1975 vlag_nl Henk Nooren Funest
1976 vlag_de Hartmut Röder Dukat
1977 vlag_nl Dick Wieken Sultan
1978 vlag_au Hugo Simon Gladstone
1979 vlag_au Hugo Simon Gladstone
1980 vlag_nl Gerd Meier Casimir
1981 vlag_nl Johan Heins Larramy
1982 vlag_au Hugo Simon Gladstone
1983 vlag_au Hugo Simon Gladstone
1984 vlag_de Ralf Runge Fair Lady
1985 vlag_nl Henk Nooren Glenn
1986 vlag_me Gerardo Tazzer Puntero
1987 vlag_nl Dion van Groesen Expo Matchline
1988 vlag_nl Jos Lansink Felix
1989 vlag_sz Thomas Fuchs Dollar Girl
1990 vlag_sw Peter Eriksson Moritz
1991 vlag_sz Thomas Fuchs Dollar Girl
1992 vlag_sz Lesley McNaught-Mändli Panok Pirol
1993 vlag_nl Jos Lansink Bollvorm’s Libero H
1994 vlag_de Franke Sloothaak San Patrignano Joli Coeur
1995 vlag_fr Henri Prudent Fair Lady IV
1996 vlag_de Otto Becker Argelith’s Bellenuit
1997 vlag_br Rodrigo Pessoa Loro Piana Special Envoy
1998 vlag_au Hugo Simon ET FRH
1999 vlag_gb Robert Smith Senator Tees Hanauer
2000 vlag_fr Thierry Pomel Thor des Chaines
2001 vlag_de Markus Beerbaum Royal Discovery
2002 vlag_nl Emile Hendrix Audi’s Finesse
2003 vlag_it Gianni Govoni Loro Piana Havinia
2004 Duitsland Lars Nieberg Lucie 55
Jurgen Stenfert
BMC’s Octavia
2006 Duitsland Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum Shutterfly
2007 vlag_nl Gerco Schröder Eurocommerce Milano
2008 vlag_fr Patrice Delaveau Katchina Mail
2009 vlag_nl Eric van der Vleuten VDL Groep Tomboy
2010 esp-flag James Paterson-Robinson Niack L’Abbaye
2011 vlag_gb John Whitaker Argento
2012 vlag_amerika Laura Kraut Teirra
2013 ie Dermott Lennon Loughview Lou Lou
2014 vlag_nl Jur Vrieling VDL Zirocco Blue
2015 ie Bertram Allen Molly Mallone
2016 Duitsland Philip Rüping Copperfield
2017 gb Laura Renwick Bintang II
2018 Italie Antonio Alfonso Chic Hin D’Hyrencourt
2019 vlag_nl Maikel van der Vleuten Dana Blue


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